Special Course in International Food and Resource Sciences

Course Introduction

This Special Course intends to educate students who can participate in the globalizing of the industrial society and contribute to the international community with a focus on Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and Africa. Students will acquire expertise in the field of sustainable production and the rational use of food resources while enriching their world view and ethical sense. The faculties of Agriculture and Fisheries collaborated and established this course, which consists of an agriculture-based sub-course and a fisheries-based sub-course, where students can study both agriculture and fisheries sciences.

Admission Policy

We seek candidates who:

  1. Assent to the educational goal of the Special Course in International Food and Resource Sciences, and have the ability and willingness to think towards its realization.
  2. Have enthusiasm and the will to solve food and resource problems from an international perspective.
  3. Have the willingness to strengthen their practical English skills.
  4. Make a strong effort to learn, and have the willingness to work for society’s sustainable development.

Please click here to download the English brochure (PDF:272KB)

Useful Information for Prospective International Students