Research Subjects

Health benefits and molecular mechanisms of phytochemicals (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation & anti-cancer)

Systematic estimation of food functionality and safety by cell and animal models

Research and development of functional foods

Explore health benefits of bio-active peptides

Elucidate bio-functionality of food proteins

Develop new drug-delivery system using food proteins

Explore biological defense and immune modulatory activities of new probiotics

Development of a novel vaccine platform with food materials

Structure and function of biologically active substances

Structure-function relationship of self-defense proteins and peptides from plants

Membrane physiology and dynamics of biomolecules

Carbohydrate chemistry of root crops such as sweetpotato

Analysis of glycoside hydrolases acting on glycoproteins

Development of analytical methods for starch structure

Elucidation of granular and molecular structure of starch

Elucidation of structure-function relationship of starch