2 Policies

Diploma Policies

 We are looking for students who:

  • (1) have adequate basic knowledge in agricultural science, the life phenomenon and biological components.
  • (2) are interested in nutrition, food intake, and the functions, utilization, and processing of food components for the development of new functional materials from agricultural resources.
  • (3) are well informed and skilled enough to pursue study of isolation, analysis and evaluation of biological food components.
  • (4) are committed to research in chemistry and bio-functions of foods, and have the ability to organize, discuss, and explain experimental results.

Curriculum Policies

  • (1) We provide basic subjects and experiments related to the agricultural sciences, chemistry, and biology in order to equip students with adequate knowledge of agriculture, food science and biotechnology.
  • (2) We provide specialized subjects and research approaches that students need to develop basic skills in the life phenomenon and biological materials.
  • (3) We constantly provide specialized subjects to equip students with necessary experience in nutrition, food intake, functionality, utilization, processing of food and its components.
  • (4) We provide practical training to equip students with skills for pursuing research in food chemistry and biological functions, and the problem-solving ability required to challenge the real world as well as to foster their international viewpoint.